Me too

You have probably seen tones of the hashtag “Me too” all over social media its a declaration from any women who has been sexually harassed, assaulted or raped I have read some of their stories, cried, I have watched women I love raise their hands.

Its “trending” and dam bloody right it should be! its disgusting! bringing awareness to this behaviour is SO important. Helping women reclaim their power their bodies their sexuality is why I do what I do and I feel so honoured to give women the space to feel and express themselves.

I have been raped twice, my boyfriend at the time paid he’s friend to assault me I was in a domestic violence relationship with him at the time, I was then raped by him I had no idea until many years later that this is what had happened to me I didn’t even know this could happen if you are in a relationship with someone, or someone you know.  YES! and its serious NO means NO!

I felt,  stupid. Embarrassed. Shame. Fear. Lonely. 

17 years later I am engaged to my true soul mate who has helped rebuild me beyond words I have made peace with this.

Seeing women speak out women coming together to offer support is incredible WOW the power right now!

YES its time for women to reclaim their POWER, their VOICES, their BODIES, & VAGINAS.

I love you all so much, know I am here for you and I will continue to do what I do to help women. xx xx


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