Its not all pretty flower baths.

Today was the first time in a little while that I have been able to listen to music when I am in this dark space of healing and going within I can’t listen to music,

in fact I struggle to even talk to people and thats ok its ok to feel this way.

Being on healing journey isn’t all pretty flower baths, candles and calming meditation it’s dark and ugly it’s a shit storm!

Feeling lonely and isolated snot uncontrollably crying having your shadow self your darkness staring right at you! Is scary.

Once you sign up for this journey, respond to the wake up call there is no going back you can’t put the layers you started to peel back on the onion.

The more layers we pull back the deeper we go to our core our centre our truth the deeper we go the bigger the shit storm because the outer layers are just a taster its just the start but getting down into that core wow ok it gets messy.

keep going my friend trust yourself give yourself time you are visiting and healing parts of yourself you didn’t even know was there or so painful still purge it all out smash the shit out of a punch bag scream cry run, shut yourself away in your hole but remember to take your ladder so you can gradually climb out.

Much love 

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