Meet Emma

Hello beautiful soul I’m Emma I am an Artist, a visionary and I love to inspire and tell stories.

I am SO passionate about empowering and helping women to heal to reconnect (or maybe connect to themselves for the first time )  through photography it is a form of therapy and thats how I began to treat my self portraits along with healing myself through meditation diet, yoga self love and care and making changes in my life. After recovering from Anorexia Nervosa being emontinally and physically abused and coming to terms with suffering with anxiety and depression I have gone to hell and back many times over with body issues, self esteam problems, so bad I was so afraid of my own shaddow I lost my identitiy my sexuality and honestly thought I was going to stay this way forever.

And so my journey began in creating empowering soul strengthening boudoir sessions to help women claim their body as their own for women doing it for themselves! for your own body, your own sexuality.

looking forward to being on my journey with you

I love you so much, know I am here for you.

Lots of love

” Every women has the power within her it’s always been inside you it’s never left you”

” The most revolutionary thing a woman can do is not explain herself ” ~ Glennon Dolye

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