My Photoshoot ~ Personal.

Dear you

Ok lets do this!

A little while ago I had a makeover photoshoot done here at my studio, Alison who is one of my amazing Makeup artist’s I’m going to give Rebecca a shout out to cause they are both so Talented ūüôā

Alison has been doing some photography after a conversation we arranged a shoot together I felt SO excited but also really nervous as in the past I have photographed myself or Owen has photographed me so to do this was really scary  but this was unknown to Alison that I had to do this.


When I was diagnosed with an¬†Anorexia nervosa I was roughly 19 / 20 I was not in a good place with my life mentally or physically pretty much the whole of my 20’s was rough! my¬†relationship with food and the way I looked and felt was bad I couldn’t look in the mirror without feeling sick, I am thin away, ¬†something I have ¬†really struggled with growing up I was bullied¬†at¬†school I was an easy target skinny, ginger hair, no boobs, ¬†braces and glasses the girl who loved animals and nature¬†and became a vegetarian I got chased by kid with a raw piece of meat any way¬†lets go back, people around me could see me getting thinner and more frail looking

but to me I was fine I had it all under control

until I fainted and got rushed into hospital with horrendous tummy pain. the years that followed this are a little blurry.

I have constantly battled with being underweight clothes not fitting me properly nasty verbal comments about my weight.

Its taken a long time and I’m absolutely fine now¬†regarding the Anorexia I don’t have those thoughts or feelings no more I have been left with physical and mental scares my gut which is another post, and my teeth yep I don’t smile showing my teeth its left me with really bad dental problems¬†I know its something I have to get sorted out.

If you are struggling or you think you might know someone who is PLEASE talk to someone you trust, call your doctor or contact the Samaritans 

Seriously you are! you are a magnificent being of creativity, kindness and love! you are a special precious soul xx

lots of love

Here are just some of my faves ūüôā

Thank you Alison

 Hair & makeup by Alison at Bombshell makeup

Photography by Alison at Bombshell photography uk

Black bodysuit is from Boohoo

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much love





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