Hello first post!

Hello beautiful souls welcome to the Self Love Tribe.

Im Emma but people call me em I am 34. I live in Gloucester with my love and my 2 very handsome boys and our dog Nina.

My  Photography and Art journey started along time ago when I got my first polariod camera when I was about 8 or 9 back in the early 90s! My passion for photography didn’t really start until I was roughly 17 when I got a job working in the lab for Jessops developing film and slides I also worked in the dark room ahhhh! I can still smell the paper and the film….

I have been a photographer for a while but I have only been shooting boudoir for nearly 6 years.

Boudoir found me it saved me depression had a hold of me Anxeity and panic attacks I was stuggling emotionally and physically PTSD a consent reminder of past trumas of a eating disorder I had in my early 20s, domesic violence and sexual abuse.

I turned to my camera I turned to my paint brushes I began to take self portraits I pushed paint around on my canvas to music.

I later discovered meditation yoga and how important self love is.

im SO passionate about Empowering women, Photography, art, yoga, meditation healing, self love

being a mum being a woman.

I love reading and  music I play the cajon drum its so fun! I drink to much coffee! cactuses are my favourite crystals and all things boho hippie vibes I love the smell of new paper and flowers 🙂

I want my blog to be a hub for all my passions 🙂 to spread love and hopfully inspire you along the way x

look forward to being on this journey with you.

lots of love

Em xx

Lets Connect.

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email – emmabarnfield.info@gmail.com


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