Be your self, your true self.

Dear you

I shared this yesterday on my social media about being yourself. I received a couple of messages about this which got me thinking……….

” Do the universe a favour, Don’t hide your magic.”

Be weird, be random, be wild, be you. Let go of who you think you need to be and just be who you are. Embrace your authentic self stop pretending its worse to stay in this trap fighting against who you really are.


 How do you find your authentic self?

it starts from within you deep inside when we feel lost we find ourselves asking our mind

” who am I ? “

” what / who is my authentic self? “

” why do I feel lost “

what I am learning is that you cant ask your thinking mind the more you keep asking and searching with your mind the more frustrating it gets as the mind is always wanting to find something the mind always has a future goal a promise that in the future that everything will be so much better the mind chases we start looking somewhere else to find ourselves or in other people we start comparing and this is SO easy as in this world today everyone shares their highlight we get lost in what everyone else is doing and before we know it we start the slide down a slippery slope of jealousy and comparison its soul sucking!

YOU my beautiful friend are unbreakable, powerful and unique no one is you and that is your power amazing

I came across this a while ago and i really want to share this with you this hit me when I spent a bit of time with myself about this

”  everything is created to reach its full potential everything is created to reach a completely unique expression that has never been done before every snowflake every human every cell everything in life is unique.

an oak tree is actually the acorn that perfect amazing oak tree is in the invisible before its even an acorn its the invisible what is here to be created is al ready in the invisible lets just take it into something tangible in the acorn is the imprints the information that’s designed to come into formation into the oak tree

and so within YOU there’s and oak tree version of you there’s that full potential in you. Rather than trying to figure it out just settle into it and realise we wont ever have the answers and its tapping into the mystery of this that gets you closer to the authentic self we drop the thinking mind – not get rid of thoughts but to go into a deeper place within you then we are able to access tap into the authentic self “

what I found useful was to start writing things down that made me feel good feel sexy empowered we are not talking a quick fix like getting drunk or maxing out on your credit card on a shopping trip to feel shit the next day, really think about it might be going for run, singing or dancing, yoga, meditation etc. and as you start to become more aware you start to realise what makes you truly happy what gets you excited the more you start the journey you might realise some people in your life are toxic you need to say NO more you will start to feel more from you heart and soul start living in the present moment

I really hope you might have found this useful, somewhere to start if you have any questions or need more guidance please do get in touch I would love to hear from you and always happy to help and what you thought of this post.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde

Lots of love to you

big kiss


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  1. I’m learning not to compare myself to others…..this is a huge problem for most women
    ” comparison is the thief of joy”

    Love you x

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