Never Let yourself be the victim.

Dear you

Never let yourself be the victim & love yourself  if I could go back and have a conversation with my younger self that would be the message I would give.

Dear younger me don’t forget about the small things in life the things that really matter time is moving so fast we only get one shot to do this right  wake up every morning feeling grateful for the shoes on my feet the house I live in the life I have because if all I do is focus on what I don’t have or the next millstone happiness goes. Dear younger me don’t be afraid to ask questions challenge things believe in yourself this world can be a tough place if you don’t believe in yourself or take care of yourself no else will do it for you. Dear younger me don’t be afraid to be who you are follow your passions. Dear younger me thank you for being exactly who I needed you to be you created the map I know when we meet again you would have showed me the way until then x

I was always the victim I was always blaming everyone else and everything  that happened to me always moaning wondering why bad shit happened to me why my relationships with people were toxic and untrustworthy  why people were taking advantage of me why I was still living in the past feeling old pain down in the dumps all the time BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Having this mind-set dose nothing for you look I know its hard when you have gone through so much shit and its fucking hard to love and care for yourself when you have had it tough been abused, bullied had trauma suffer with illness,  you loose yourself you forgot who you are but you have to start being there for yourself because no else will,  having this Mind-set makes you come across helpless and weak and no one wants to feel or come across that way also it STOPS YOU from moving forward it wont change the past either I thought I was going to feel this pain forever I was in a abusive relationship I was mentally and physically abused I have spent,  wasted SO many years blaming myself punishing myself always telling myself I wasn’t  good enough to be a photographer constantly comparing myself to others following a crowd to afraid to be me to afraid to say I LOVE MYSELF  becoming a mum telling myself I will fail at being parent I felt hopeless until one day I read about meditation ( I will be doing a separate post about this soon ) I found myself reading personal development stories motivational videos I new there had to be a different way I just new that I couldn’t keep feeling this way the more I meditated the more questions I was looking for the answers to  the more conversations I was having with myself the more I realised only I can answer these questions.  I made the decision to stop being the victim I stopped complaining I stared to ask myself what my purpose was what’s brought me to this point now writing my goals down feeling grateful for what have.  I still have a way to go and I’m always learning which means I’m growing I’m alive I know this might sound odd to some but when your coming from that moaning I hate the world negative place you don’t feel alive unless YOU change your mind-set and start to realise you can make decisions and start to change bit by bit its not easy and it takes time but you can love yourself and you can STOP allowing people to take advantage of you start to change how you see things when I look back at those times in my life I was with people who didn’t love me treaded me like shit I didn’t even want to be around them I was doing things and working towards a life I didn’t want that’s crazy!

” Life is like a onion you have to peel one layer at a time and cry sometimes”  ~ Les Brown

I feel self love plays a HUGE part and this quote and message here speaks SO frickin much.

” Self love is the cure to self hate “ ~ Tyrese Gibson

Keep going, keep shining your love and light be YOU my beautiful friend

Lots of love

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