Hello Gorgeous ! I’m Emma Barnfield (aka Self Love Tribe ) Welcome its so lush to have you here please do come and say hi I would love to hear from you 🙂

I have a HUGE passion in helping women feel BEAUTIFUL SEXY CONFIDENT & EMPOWERED !  Helping Women connect with themselves. I do this through photography or 1-1 self love sessions are you ready to start living as you?

I want the self love tribe to be a place we can all come together guide and build each other up be inspired and empowered that its OK to just get out of bed and survive some days share our downs as well as our ups you get the idea 😉 I love to talk a LOT about the things I’m passionate about which is a LOT of things! ( even the dogs don’t listen to me anymore ) I am really hoping my little space here on the big interweb can help and inspire you 🙂  I’m rambling now I do this a LOT to oh gosh blogging could be fun haha!

” you were born to real not perfect ”

 I took my first self portrait in 2015 I was so scared to step in front of my camera I have had lots of head shots etc. and photograph so many beautiful women who step in front of my lens but every time I thought about doing it myself I just felt sick, froze up I was scared to see the body I had abused the body that got abused what if everything I had been thinking was true oh fuck how do I cope with that.

I hated my body I hated the way my life was it was full of shit ! so I stared to starve my self in my early twenties I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa I was smoking 30 cigarettes a day drinking way to much alcohol  I was addicted to antidepressants unknown to my family what was fully going on I just walked around like a robot that everything was fine but inside I was screaming all this crap has left me with scars and mental health problems so learning to love and accept myself was lets say a big deal.

I beat the eating disorder I came off all the drugs I quit smoking I was fully on my journey to recovery.

I learnt to open my mind up, through finding who I was again using meditation my art and making decisions to change my life. I  feel emotions again. love myself, love others, embrace myself and life  laugh at myself I was starting to feel alive again! a feeling of waking up.

The scars will always be there and so will the mental health ( the biggest mistake was trying to ignore it ) but I’m learning to cope better and accept it some days are pure shit still but that’s ok its part of me.

if you want to possibly know more I am 33 34 in April ekkk how did that happen! I’m a proud mum to 2 boys Jack & Nathan I’m engaged to my soul mate he truly is amazing !!! I’ve been a vegetarian for roughly 20 years I am making the change to a plant based due to my gut,  my photography journey started when I was roughly 8ish taking photographs of Barbie & ken  I really must try and see if I have these photos anywhere. I read, draw, meditate, yoga LOVE  music I’m learning to play the guitar, I hate it people put the butter knife in the marmalade / jam jar ewwww its just wrong! ok I’m rambling now 😉 told you I rambled chat soon x

Lots of love

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